Welcome to the Latrobe Alliance Church

On behalf of those who attend the Latrobe Alliance Church, I want to thank you for your interest. If you visit, I pray that you will sense the presence and love of God in a real way.

Whether you are searching for answers to your questions about Jesus, or are a committed Christ-follower who wants to grow and develop a deeper relationship with Jesus, you can feel at home at the Latrobe Alliance Church.

In Jesus' Love,
Pastor Tim Young

Our Mission:

  • To bring honor to God by helping people everywhere.
  • To learn to trust and obey Jesus Christ.

Our Priorities:

  • Exalting God's Name.
  • Exploring God's Word.
  • Encouraging God's People.
  • Exhibiting God's Character.
  • Expanding God's Kingdom.

If you'd like to visit the church, see our map page, or click on our address below, for our location and for directions.